What colour is this?

  1. Ladies, I need your help in identifying the colour of this Mini Classique on Cricket Liverpool. Is it the 04 F/W Anis or Khaki?

    I just bought the 04 F/W Marigold Yellow Mini Classique from them. I originally thought it was 03 Mustard, but the tags said 2004 3, so it must be the Marigold.
  2. Looks like Anis to me - the Khaki was much greener than that.
  3. I agree - Anis. This place has a few rare leftovers from previous seasons, it seems! Also, the minis don't come up if you do a search for "Balenciaga" ... no wonder they're still there! Do a search for "mini" and you'll find them ... and also Magenta and Sky Blue shoulder bags (on page 2 of search results).
  4. Thanks english_girl and fiatflux! I also think it looks more like Anis than Khaki. Am still vacillating whether or not to get it. They charge a lot in postage, though. I paid 65 pounds but the postmark said postage only cost 11.95 pounds!!!

    I love the Mini style... just wish I could get my hands on a new-ish mini Twiggy in Teal.
  5. I can't see the pic in the site but..65 pounds for shipping a bag???:rant:
  6. miss-lilly, what can I say? I fell in love with the yellow mini classique. I thought they would be doing DHL or FedEx or something, but they just sent through normal Royal Mail!
  7. Roxane, I just Private Messaged you...
  8. wow...for that price wouldn't you be better off picking it up? ;)
  9. fiatflux... eh, no... cheapest airticket to the UK would be something like 600 pounds. But I am going to London in Sept, which is why I am considering whether or not to get it sent there for a lot less in postage. But I think the Anis might be too similar to the Marigold for me to get both in the same style.