What colour is this?

  1. yes, it certainly looks like it
  2. I've been watching this bag, and I'm pretty sure it's teal because it was purchased in May 05. It's a great bag--too bad it's not a twiggy or city or I'd have already bid!
  3. I saw this on ebay too. Nice color!
  4. I like that color - the 05 leather looks heavenly too....Percephonie are you getting that???
  5. Hmmm nah, saving for old green colours as you know lol!
  6. Yeah I've been watching it too, the owner didn't take a closer pic of the tag for me, even though it looks totally auth.... I'd still like to see the tag!
  7. Good girl! That seafoam is coming your way...I can feel it :yes:

  8. I just hope it doesn't come by me and then *whooosh* flies past lol!
  9. it's a pretty color! i believe it's teal?