What colour is this Zip Clutch?

  1. I was just outbid on this beautiful clutch - went for $325!! I had no idea it was that sought after, and thought for sure it was in the bag (my bag that is!)...! :push:

    Can someone please tell me what colour it is and maybe enlighten me as to its rarity; will it be hard to find another anytime soon?

    To me it looks like way dark Berry, but I'm mainly a Bal-girl, so what do I know! :shrugs:

  2. I don't see the wallet, can you please post picture or link?
  3. Haha! I was just editing when you posted - duh me!

  4. That matches my berry multipocket!
  5. It looks like my Bourdeaux with the flash on. I have been searching for a bag the same color
  6. It looks like berry to me. I hope someone can help you. goodluck!
  7. I was watching this auction - it's Maroon. Maroon has red suede lining.... it's a beautiful color!
  8. Yep, it's Maroon. I used to have one (that one was not it).:yes:
  9. Wow Maroon, really, thanks all of you. Not a very descriptive name though; it looks almost purple..! :rolleyes:

    Well, added to my wish list too. :love:
  10. Oh, and do you know which year/season it is from - and is it hard to come by? (Or was this aucion just a fluke strike of luck for the seller?!)

    Thanks again! :smile:
  11. ^^If I remember correctly, Maroon is a Fall 04 color. Love the red suede lining. Congrats on your ZC!
  12. Thanks Luvpurses, it's not mine though - I was outbid..! :shocked: :sad:
  13. ^^Ack! I'm sorry. I didn't read the OP right. I hate getting outbidded too! :sad:
  14. Oh well, I hope it went to a member! :smile:
  15. Maroon does appear purple, but when seen closeup, it definitely has some maroon characteristics(lots of red undertones, red contrast stitching). These pop up in a blue moon and usually go for a high price if it's in good condition.