What colour is this to you?

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  1. Pics taken with natural light and one with flash.

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  2. sandstone?
  3. sandstone:smile:
  4. I'd guess sandstone too.
  5. Sandstone
  6. Sandstone! And the leather is TDF!!!
  7. I'm so hoping it's Sandstone, 'cause that is what I'm waiting for - it's absolutely fabamundo!!!!! I presume that the pic that shows it lighter is the one with the flash?
  8. Thank you for all your feedback!:P
  9. The one on your left hand side is with natural light. Hope you get yours very soon!
  10. PRETTY, that's what I'd call it! :tup:
  11. So, My Peko, tell us more - is this YOUR baby, or are you considering getting it, or ?????
  12. Thanks for all the compliments.

    Yes, I got it last night but the seller has no idea of what the official colour is called. This is why I need your guys' help.
  13. My PEKO,Here is my sandstoe city,So you can see the colour.But the leather on my is horrible:sad:,It's thin,veiny and plasticy.I sent it back already:crybaby:.Hope you will like yours:smile:

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  14. [​IMG]
    Gosh, I think yours is beautiful!
  15. allyboobop I agree with you. That one looks quite nice actually leather wise.