What colour is this Birkin and what size?

  1. Bonjour,

    I really like the colour? But cant figure out what it is. :confused1: I am also confused on which size it is?

    As for the leather, it looks like clemence? no?

    Merci beaucoup

  2. Colour is etoupe.
    Leather is either clemence or swift, I cannot see if it's grained.
    Size I would guess a 30 but could also be 35.
  3. I love love love love love that color! Is that white stitching i see?
  4. I would agree that it's a 35cm etoupe and likely togo/clemence as they seem to be coming out in those leathers more often than not these days.
  5. does it automatically come with the white stitches?
  6. Yes for Etoupe.

    I too think it's a 35cm. She's a runway model and has to be tall. And proportionately more likely to be a 35cm.

    And I think it's Swift.
  7. The color is Etoupe. The size looks like it's 30 but can't be sure. The leather looks smooth though so prolly it's Swift.
  8. Looks like swift in Etoupe to me. Sorry not sure about the size though.