what colour is this Balenciaga Day?

  1. okay so today i found myself drooling in front of my friend's balenciaga day. i was literally dying of jealousy, and it came out as quite a shock to see her wear it since i'm usually the only one in 10th grade who wears my balenciaga to school and she always wears her lv neverfull (i've got to say i love balenciaga waaay more than LV:tup:). her day is sort of a light green colour, i'm thinking it's vert d'eau but i'm not sure. here is a picture of her wearing it (don't mind the gerard darel behind) and a picture of her day compared to my black hobo :heart:

  2. I think its dolma green 05?? looks very nice, wait other opinions i am not very sure!
  3. ^^ I would say Dolma as well.
  4. I'm pretty sure its a Dolma too. (:
  5. It could well be Dolma... but given how new it looks (and slight fuzziness of photos) I could also imagine it to be Vert Thyme from S/S 08.
  6. ask her when she bought it... if she's had it since o5 or got it 2nd hand, then it's prob dolma, if she got it new recently from a store, then it's probably vert thyme.

    sure looks like dolma to me, though... it's gorgeous! it makes me really want a green day bag :p

    it's definitely not vert d'eau.
  7. The picture of her modelling it looks a little like VT but it's a little too pale to be VT. I think it's a Dolma green!

    Attached the palest I could capture of my VT for ref.
  8. It looks like Dolma to me, as well. But like others have said, it's in really good condition for an '05.
  9. thanks for your replies everyone, you guys were really good at guessing! i asked her and she told me she bought it in 2005 so i believe it is dolma green, she's worn it about 4 times thats why it looks so new..i love that colour SO MUCH, i'm checking eBay right now to see if they're selling anything in dolma green. they don't have anything on eBay france but on eBay america this girl is selling her dolma twiggy, i'm seriously considering bidding on it hahaha :biggrin: