What colour is the lining on Black Luxury Bowlers?

  1. I'd liek to ask what colour the lining is on your black lux bowlers???
  2. The lining is silver in my black PL medium bowler.
  3. black :smile:
  4. black
  5. sweetsparkle and bb10lue, are your bowlers metallic :biggrin:?
  6. I would like to find out the difference between the lining of the deerskin metallic, the calfskin metallic and the deerskin matt bowlers!
  7. The black matte calfskin bags have burgundy interior and the Chanel makers mark is stamped directly onto the leather.

    The black metallic goatskin bags have black interior and the Chanel makers mark is engraved on a silver plate.:yes:
  8. And for the black deerskin, the interior is black leather and the Chanel mark is engraved in the leather.