What colour is my bbag?

  1. I bought this bag last august from Cricket in Liverpool and assumed it was rouge vif but just check the card and it doesn't appear to have a colour on it, it says 2006 03 and pleine fleur aline or something, can some tell me what colour this is!:yes:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. It looks like rouge vif. But post the numbers/letter from the metal plate on the inside.
  4. Yes - I agree it looks like rouge vif and if the card that came with it says 2006 3 (assuming it's the right card) - that should be a rouge vif you have there.

    It doesn't actually say the name of the colour on that white card. The words you see there should be describing the leather and the interior lining.

    Hope that helps you!
  5. gorgeous!