What colour is Burnt?

  1. I was lookin on Diabro.net and they had this weekender in the colour named 'burnt'?

    Anyone know which season it is from and is it a red or an orange?

  2. Burnt is Spring Summer 2006 Rouille.
  3. thanks! ive taken a look at the colours by season but I cant really tell if the red is orangey or not..

    Is it more of an orange red?
  4. Yes. It's an orange base...very similar to FW 07's PAPRIKA.
  5. This 06 Rouille:


    I have to say this color is just wondermous IRL. It goes with blues and greens, blacks, creams, you name it (just not red or pink, LOL).

    Believe me, seeing that WE over the past few weeks has been a temptation that I have barely been able to resist.

    Go for it! Great price, spectacular color!!
  6. hmwe, you take the best photos. Seriously, you should be the photographer for balenciaga product placement!
  7. aw thanks :blush:

    I just really love my bags and like when I cook (which I also love to do!!) I think that comes through.
  8. Your rouille is :nuts: gorgeous!!!!