What colour hearts for next year?

  1. I bet everybody is enjoying their mirror / pomme / violet hearts :heart: recently...so m I!!!
    But I do wonder, what colour hearts will LV make for next year?
  2. i would really like a black mc heart. but probably whatever vernis color that comes out this year.
  3. Good question! I'm excited for more Vernis! I just wish they would at least fit some cards...
  4. If anything, I think they'll make black MC.
    However, I really don't think they'll do it again...it'd be overdoing it, IMO, especially when the first releases were supposed to be one shot, never to be made again.
  5. What's that new color I saw in the window today? It looked like a beige!! Totally not up to par with the other vernis colors IMO, actually I'd hate to see them use this color in anything.. lol
  6. I would like to see the hearts in Epi, especially with the new purple colors.