What colour for my city ?

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  1. Hello, I'm French and I don't speak very well English.

    I want to change my city 08 marine because I'm not really in love with the colour. But I don't know what colour I prefer.

    I like light grey or argent, Bleu layette, Automne, Framboise and Sanguine.

    What colour du you prefer ?

    Thank you verry much for your help and sorry for my really bad English. :sad:
  2. Which color do you think will go best with your wardrobe? All of the colors that you mentioned are lovely--I personally love argent and framboise.

    P.S. Your English is fine! :tup:
  3. :idea: I would get an argent with GSH then.. you will love it... but I would considere automne as well, I´ve seen some pics here at the forum and look great!!. Good luck!!
  4. Thank you Cate and aalinne. :smile:
    I think that argent and automne will go best with my wardrobe.
    Argent is beautiful but Automne is ideal for all days. :shrugs:
  5. Argent/dove is gorgeous as long as you don't mind the darkening of the handles that I'm afraid will come. I LOVE Automne and think it will make a great year-round color that will go with most everything and will be even more fabulous as it ages/breaks in! I'm awaiting an Automne Mid Day right now and will post pics tomorrow to help you!
  6. Thank you very much juldoc, it's very nice.
  7. I vote for automne...sounds like you will get more use out of it!
  8. Thank you lovely.:smile:
  9. I vote for Automne!
  10. Another one for Automne...it's a classic.
  11. Another vote for Atomne! it's a very versatile color. Good luck!
  13. ^^ Dito!! One more vote for argent & framboise.
  14. I vote for Argent or Sanguine.
  15. Your English is excellent and if you need any help, I speak French as well, so don't hesitate to drop me a PM.

    I think either Argent or Automne would both be beautiful... but go for the one that you will get the most use out of! If Automne suits your wardrobe, then you should pick that one. There's nothing more frustrating than a beautiful bag that you never get to use.