what colour for first and only birkin

  1. Hi everybody,
    i am new on this site.As a hermes lover i was serving on the net and came across you.
    I ordered my first birkin at the hermes store.I ordered a 35cm gold togo with gold hardware.Now I see all the other colors and i am beginning to doubt ,did i ordered the right color?I like also the gris tourtelle.Please help me!
  2. Flower, I love Gold on Gold. I think you made the right choice. It's a very versatile colour and will last you for many years to come.
  3. thank you.I also fancy the etoupe.What do you think?Or is that a little bit dul?Or do you think that your first must be a very classic color?
  4. I think you made a fantastic choice.
  5. You did good. If you could only have one, or if this is the first, the one you requested is the one to get. When it arrives, you will be delighted with it.
  6. Flower, have you seen the colours you mentioned in person? Which one sing to you?

    What colours do you normally have in your wardrobe?

    Some of the members think that gris tourtelle is nice while some think it looks "chalky" on a 35cm. I like Etoupe too and I think it's a great neutral all year round.
  7. I love etoupe too! The colour's so luscious!!
  8. what nice that you all think with me!Sorry english is not my native languge so i can make mistakes in spelling!!I am wearing a lot of black but also jeans with jackets.
    I think your right that the one i ordered is the one you get.And it was my first choice!Are your sa also so kind to you?By me they are all very nice and they hope my bag will come before the holidays.I ordered him last november.
    Do you know how the bag is called from the travelling rose?also on this side ?
  9. I love etoupe too, but it depends what works for you--cool tone of etoupe or warm tone of gold???
  10. I think it´s a very good Choice. It´s Timeless.
  11. god on gold is fabulous color.. you definitely ordered the right combo!!
  12. Flower, I love your choice! So very classic and you will be happy with it forever!
  13. I recently got this exact bag -- I love it more and more every day. It goes with everything.
  14. Flower - You made the perfect choice if you tend toward warm colors! I'm carrying mine now (exact same bag) and find it to be unbelievably versatile. So classic!

    Don't worry about the other colors.....you won't be able to stop at this one!;)