what colour e/w flap bags are currently available??

  1. hi ladies. i was reading the price increase thread which mentioned a price increase on e/w bags in the US as of 1st november. does anyone know what colours are available in the e/w caviar flap bag at the moment? i have a friend in the US at the moment, and was thinking of getting one via my friend.
    thanks! :heart::heart:
  2. There's not much in caviar. You will have more options with lambskin
  3. As far as I know, black caviar is the easiest EW to find, whether it is at the Chanel boutiques, NM, or Saks. At NM, they have coral in lambskin. Maybe black lambskin with the new chain as well. Saks seems to be sold out of any interesting colors. The last color I have heard of/seen was the bleu fonce EW (that I stupidly passed on, ahgkd!). But that seems to be sold out now as well- the one I saw was one of two that was floating around the country.
  4. Thanks for replying!! :smile:
    Where have all the e/w caviars gone?! :push::push:
  5. ^^^ to the homes of Chanel PFers:graucho:
  6. I saw a black lambskin with MM lock at NM Northbrook, Il last week..
  7. well at least they're going places where they'll be loved and appreciated :smile: