What colour does Paddy currently come in?

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  1. I'm seriously considering to add a Paddy to my collection and this will be my first and only Chloe (at least for 3 years).

    Do you know what colour does Paddy currently come in? I've looked at pics in the reference library and I like the brownish colours (choco, tan, whiskey). Do you know if Paddy still comes in these colours or in something similiar? Your help will be much apprepriated.
  2. Currently, I've seen the colors called roche (a stone grayish brown), mais (a light beigey neutral), grais (pale gray), royal (a stunning bright blue):heart: , cannelle (a cinnamon tone), white (very stark, not everybody likes this compared to the earlier "blanc" colors), metallic taupe, castor (a burgandy, but not as pretty IMHO as grenat of years past), gazelle (a honey tan) and of course black...I can't think of any other NEW colors, but some from last season are still around. I just bought a "muscade" from NAP, which they had listed as "nutmeg" but it's the same color, just renamed...:shrugs: My daughter bought the royal at Neiman Marcus, and it's absolutely gorgeous...:yes: I'm sure I may have missed a color or two, so help me out girls.:shrugs:
  3. Oh, I forgot to add that if you want to see a lot of the current colors, go to Diabro.net :yes:
  4. Thanks for your help, beanie. I'm now looking at Diabro.net!
  5. Am i right in thinking that its coming in silver and bronze ?
  6. Another new colour is Galet, which is a light beige-grey...very hard to describe, but mines on it's way so I'll post pics when it arrives :nuts:
  7. Oh yeah, I am losing my mind. There is no color "grais." I was thinking of "galet." I have a wallet in that, (from hgbags) It's a gorgeous color...:heart: Silver and bronze I have no idea about. I think there are some new paddys coming out in the gold though, with those mini non-working locks...whatever! I think the metallic taupe is wonderful. I got mine at Neiman Marcus online. I think it still might be up there. They are calling it the "small" but it's the medium...:smile:
  8. is metallic taupe argent?
  9. Yes, "argent" just means "metallic" I believe. Anyway, the one on neimanmarcus.com and and the one on NAP right now is the taupe metallic. Very different, if you are looking for a wonderful paddy for evening...this is it. I don't use this particular one for daytime too much. I think it's a bit "dressy." :wlae:
    PS: roz77772002 got me the matching long wallet with the little lock, very cute!
  10. "argent" could also mean money in French... mind you my French is a bit a bit rusty now.
  11. "argent" does mean money in french, and it also means silver (although that's really latin). i was just wondering bec i have an argent paddy, but i wouldn't describe it as "metallic taupe."
  12. I think "argent" is a particular metallic color that is a combination of silver and very light gold. Susie's purse looks to be that color and it is "argent".
  13. Actually that is probably more accurate than "metallic taupe." It IS a sort of cross between the two...it's a great color.:heart: Very different from the darker metallics and nice for a change. I just got the dark navy blue metallic '06 (black hardware) from Bluefly, and the roche '07 (silver hardware) from Bluefly as well. (Totally authentic, and both came in perfect condition :yahoo: ) They both had that handle tag, which you MUST not remove unless you are going to keep it, but it seems that their system is working so that they don't get fakes "in the pipeline."
    I still love the paddys but they seem to be getting less of them and more of the newer bags now...I hope they are not discontinued for next year. I have seen the new styles...:yucky:
  14. How do you find the roche? I was/am considering that colour too because I really love the silver hardware. In real life is it a (excuse my description) 'poo' (sorry!) brown at all? Or is it really nice cool mocha kinda colour?
  15. It's a very neutral sort of grayish, taupey color. A year-round color for sure. I compared it to my khaki from '05, and the roche seems to have some greenish overtones, but I like the fact that it has the silver hardware, since the khaki has the brass. I am a total Chloe collector nut...:nuts: and most people probably wouldn't get the roche if they had the khaki, brown, or a grey or even the mousse already, but I have a feeling that the paddys are on the "way out" and by next year, (this is just MHO mind you...) you won't see them again. I think the tiny locks and little chains on the new ones for '07 are the "death knell" of the paddys that we know and love. :sad: :crybaby: I am waiting to see where Phoebe Philo "lands" for her next "gig." But in the meantime, I am enjoying collecting and wearing the paddys, (which I think, will be like the Hermes "Birkin" bags...really collectible and the quality unsurpassed.) :supacool: You can see the quality has changed already. Every year, the leather and hardware was not quite as nice as the year before. :cursing: I think the roche is a great color, and since it had the silver hardware, I went for it. BTW, they have another one on Bluefly, and mine was perfect. :wlae: