What colour do you think is the Monogram Canvas' monogram?

  1. I know, I know, this is a dumb question, but I have an ongoing dispute, with a (used to be:biggrin: ) good friend of mine. She like me is a LV fan but, she says that the monograms on the Mono Canvas is supposed to be a green/brown colour but I say it's supposed to be Gold.
    I need some other opinions on this cos she's driving me crazy:Push:
    I need some closure on this or I might have to kill her:biggrin: .... Seriously:shocked:

  2. Yeah, from what I know its brown with a bronzy/gold color
  3. I would also describe it to be a dirty gold or ochre color. Whenever I see monograms that are tinted even slightly green I automatically think, "FAKE!"
  4. Same here, I would say a goldish color.
  5. Ditto, brown and gold.
  6. Brown and gold - unless we're talking Graffiti! :idea:
  7. Brown canvas, light tan/gold monogram.
  8. Brownish gold. The insignia doesn't have any funky green hues.
  9. monograms are definetly brown/gold (looking at my speedy right now)
  10. Brown/gold
  11. Tell her to go to the LV site & take a look. They are gold, not green but don't end a friendship over something like this..
  12. brown & gold
  13. Brown & gold.
  14. It's tough to describe..brown, fawn and with the hint of gold
  15. I don't know what color I would call it exactly, but it's definatly more gold than green.
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