What colour do you prefer

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What colour vernis do you prefer???

  1. Fuchsia vernis

  2. Framboise vernis

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Do you prefer Fuchsia vernis or Framboise vernis ???
  2. framboise, it doesn't make me feel like i'm getting hit in the face by the color quite so much. both beautiful, though.
  3. Fuchsia, definately fuchsia.
  4. Exactly what amanda said.
  5. Fuschia; I love how vibrant the color is.
  6. I voted for framboise as it is a darker pink. I love them both though.
  7. framboise, it's very pretty :love:
  8. not a fan of the fuchsia, but the framboise is hot.
  9. FRAMBOISE!!!! its so delicious! I was just in louis vuitton last night and the color is perrfect for spring especially summer.
  10. I vote for the fushia; but would have to see them both in person.
  11. Bump
  12. mmm.. any pics that'll help to decide? :idea:
  13. I would happily take both! hehe