What colour do i go for?

  1. Just wondered what you guys would choose, my parents are in sri lanka at the moment and mum said she would buy me a ring like hers, she has a blue topaz ring with a yellow gold band, the stone is large and i'm not sure which colour i want.
    They are all semiprecious stones so i could have blue, pink, yellow dark blue etc... also i wear white gold more than yellow so i guess i would like to know what colour stone do you think would look best in a white gold setting? any inspiration greatly welcomed!!
  2. I would try and go for a neutral color, something that goes with everything. As much as I love blue, I don't always wear a lot of blue. Personally I'd do a yellow colored stone in a white gold setting. I think the white gold would show it off, and they yellow would go with a lot. Think of what colors you like to wear, and also what might work best with your skin tone too.
  3. I like the idea of yellow, i guess i could get away with wearing most things with that, thanks! i'm wavering between yellow and pink now.
  4. I think that yellow would be really great, but personally I would take the blue one. It looks gorgeous with white gold. But if you don't wear a lot of blue, then you should probably choose something else.
  5. Lucky you! I wish MY parents went to Sri Lanka and offered me goodies!
    How fun!
  6. They feel gulity because they are going to live there in a year or so and they know i don't want them to leave so i'll make the most of the pressies!! i guess i'll get cheap holidays eventually though
  7. What's your colouring, von?

    If you could tell us the colour of your eyes and your hair and whether you have a cool (pinkish, or blueish), warm (olive, or yellowish), or neutral (somewhere in-between; equally yellowish and pinkish) skin-tone, that would help us advise you on colour. :yes:

    The basic rule is to go with your skin-tone. So, if you have blue eyes, light blonde hair and pinkish skin, you would look best with the blue, or pink, set in white gold and if you have brown eyes, dark brown hair and olive skin, you would look best with the yellow, set in yellow gold.

    This rule can be broken, however...

    If you have warm colouring, but like wearing white gold, the yellow of the citrine would mean that the ring would suit your colouring better. Similarly, if you really wanted the blue topaz, despite having warm colouring, a yellow gold setting would be a good idea. :biggrin:
  8. Ah i see, silly me never thought of that,
    i have paleish blue eyes, very dark brown hair and i guess pinky skin, in this pic i have a hint of a tan, face is much paler normally and my hair is darker when i've seen no sun for a while
  9. That's very pretty, i like the simplicity, never been a fan of green though. Although i do like that, hmmm..... back to the drawing board
  10. White gold for neutral, yellow for the more warmth feeling and blue definitly for fashion~
  11. I love pink....and I've convinced myself that it's a neutral lol, so I would go for pink myself, because I wear a lot of stuff that would go with it (or so I think). And it's just my favorite color. Lol, but like some of the other girls said yellow would be great and neutral as well.
  12. Thanks for all your advice, i'll show you a pic once they get back with it, can't wait, i have decided to tell my mum either pink or yellow and she has to choose, so it's a surprise! just couldn't decide