What colour classic flap?

  1. I am going to Paris in April and am planning on getting my first Chanel bag there, a classic flap. I just don't know what colour to get, I know they do black, beige, pink, navy and this seasons green and red. I already have a pink metallic Celine boogie and a pink LV Bedford so it's not as though I need another pink bag. I think black is nice but not wearable in the summer as I wear a lot of colours. What do you think? What colour is the green? Does anyone have any pics?:yes: :confused1:
  2. Hey, I was thinking about purchasing a Chanel while I am in Paris, are they cheaper there or are they the same price as US/Canada?
  3. Beige
  4. Yes, beige is wearable year round - since you don't prefer black.
  5. I saw the Caviar Jumbo in lime..and it's nice! Very light green that from a distance and certain lighting, it look some kind of ivory?
    The new beige I don't really like it tho..it's more brownish beige unlike the other yellowish beige, or light beige..

    Yeah, I believe it should be cheaper there since it's where it made in..
    And plus, you could claim the VAT.. So that makes all the saving.. :smile:
  6. I love my white flap. I know it's considered a summer color,,,but I wear it once in awhile in the winter when I travel somewhere warm.
  7. Had the same problem as you when i decided to purchase my first channel bag (well i didn't buy mine in Paris though sadly haha).. i wasn't really into the black color as well as i thought it was rather formal, red is too loud for me, for white-im really scared of getting it dirty..so yeap, i chose beige..and im pretty happy with it..
  8. I do love Pink mostly and follow by Red and then white. I don't like black (although it is the most classic color).
  9. i love the light beige colour, but not too fond of the yellowy standard beige
  10. Red :heart: if they have it ...ooh la la! :graucho: :graucho:
  11. the blue from 06 fall is nice!!
  12. Light beige (more like a cream/ivory I guess, not the yellow beige), or a nice dark red/cherry.
  13. beige - its an all year round and also a classic colour for your first Chanel if black is a no no
  14. I do like black, do you think that's what I should go for? IS that everyone's favourite? Does anyone have pics of the green? Also will they still have the green in April?
  15. I think black is perfectly fine unless you absolutely love another colour. My rule is always to go for the seasonal colour if you adore it, because it might not come by again and the black will always be available. But if you love the black and none of the other colours really appeal, then get the black!