What colour Bayswater Keyring??

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  1. Have decided that I must have a Bayswater keyring and had set my heart on brown.....
    but after seeing Plainjanes photos (under where else can I buy keyrings thread) I'm now undecided. I thought the light pink and coral ones were nice too, any thoughts??
  2. I like the brown myself :yes:
  3. Brown is my favourite too!
  4. I have ordered the brown.
  5. Well it depends really what bag you are going to put it on ?

    Do you want it to stand out or blend ?

    Contrasting colours look great I think , pink keyring would look fab on brown bag or any actually ( I just :heart: the light pink one !)

    They are all fab !!
  6. I have to say, I thought the brown would look best with my Oak Bayswater but I ended up putting the Coral one as it was then noticeable, i.e., contrasting with the Oak Darwin.

    Otherwise it looked like just a brown lump. see the pics in the Mulberry modelling thread, I uploaded some pics there just a few minutes ago.
  7. P.S. let's not forget one of the allure of a bag charm is that it is there to see and enhance the bag not that at first glance people are thinking, "what's that thin-ga-ma-jig or lump hanging on her bag?"
  8. I would love to get the cockroach in black for Roxy!!!
  9. that's what I thought Plainjane when I saw your photos, I thought the coral looked great, so I may plump for this one.
  10. On a more serious and helpful note,I thought the coral one would be lovely too!!!xxx
  11. Funny thing is, I'm not a pink girl at all but I really like the look of the bright pink one. Oh my God, I'm turning into Barbie......
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I admit to liking the pink too. I would think it would look good on my black bays.

    ooooh just can't wait to use that bag!
  13. I really want the brown one - I think it will look good against my bronze Bayswater.

    Also, has anyone seen the new leather letter bag charms on Mulberry.com? I'm confused as to choice of letters - I'd like an A in gold but not sure if that's possible :rolleyes:
  14. Love those letters but they're a bit steep at £49 each :wtf:
  15. I know! It's funny how it seems cheap compared to a £700 bag though :lol: