What Colour Are Your Eyes ?


What Colour Are Your Eyes ?

  1. Brown

  2. Blue

  3. Green

  4. Hazel

  5. Grey

  6. Other

  7. Contacts

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  1. What Colour are your eyes ?

    Mine are dark brown.
  2. Green. :smile:

  3. brown-green :yes:
  4. Brown :cool:
  5. Mine are brown. ;)
  6. Blue!!!
  7. Brown :noworry:
  8. This odd gold brown colour. Almost burnt-sienna.
    A girl in my primary school used to say I have red eyes. Grr
  9. Light brown, my mom likes to call them "caramel" hehehe
  10. BLUE;)
  11. Green! :biggrin: I love my green eyes - they're about the only feature I don't have an issue with.
  12. brown, I'm winning :smile:) just jokin'
  13. I have hazel eyes. Sometimes it's green, sometimes it's brown, sometimes it almost looks yellowish.
  14. I have hazel eyes too, the colour does vary depending on the light though.
  15. My eyes are a mixed green/gray but mainly GREEN (like a cat) ;) !