What Colour Am I ?

  1. Hi ladies!

    What colour am I ? Sable? Craie? Creme/Cream?

    Help me please :yes:

  2. More pics.
    paddy2.jpg paddy3 (2).jpg paddy3.jpg
  3. It could be either craie or sable or vanilla, and on the 3rd picture it almost looks like creme F7W 06... Serial code could tell if it's 05 or 06 bag..?
  4. From what I can see, this is a 05 paddy and it should be craie.
    The Chloe heat stamp from 05 is actually different to the ones in 06.
    It don't think is vanilla, sable and creme. Vanilla is a darker cream, sable has a stronger pink undertone and creme is much darker.

    I'm pretty sure is craie.
  5. Thank you Sonja and Dolly!

    Original owner purchased the bag in DEC 05. It has the interior plastic zipper. But from reading other posts .. there were some 06 colours that had the pastic zipper.

    Sonja --I must have spent an hour looking at your pictures of your craie and sable, to see if I saw any resemblance. Incidentally I love the way your house is decorated. Very modern, very clean lines :smile: Beautiful.

    As soon as I get the bag in my hands I will post more pics. Pictures were taken by orig owner under different lighting conditions -- it amazing how different the colour can look.
  6. Hi, Oh this is difficult :smile: the very first pic makes it look like the craie but in the others it is coming up darker. I do not think it is the vanilla but impossible to tell with all the light variations, perhaps the sable - pink/beige (looks like this in one pic but somehow I don't think so) so maybe the creme. The colour should be on the round tag. Look forward to your pics
  7. Thanks Roz. I know .. It's hard to tell. :shrugs:

    I'm waiting on D&G and her expert eyes to steer me in the right direction :sweatdrop:
  8. Thanks Roma375, I have to admit I took those pictures in my mom's house because of the better lightning there :flowers:

    I now think your bag is more propably craie or sable like others said, and both are just as gorgous IMO! The difference is not big between these 2, which ever it is you will love it !:love:
  9. Well, it's beautifully decorated.

    Ok, so I gotta know. Which one is your favourate between the sable and craie?

    I'll probably get her by mid next week. Cant wait to take pics and finally figure out what colour she is :smile:
  10. I honestly love these 2 colours just as much....both are beautiful soft hues and easy to match with many colours, I'm excited to see which one your is:nuts: :nuts:

    ...Some more colour comparison pictures
    IMG_0031.JPG IMG_0036.JPG IMG_0032.jpg IMG_0033.jpg
  11. I am going to weigh in on sable on this one. Is this the win from the recent eBay auction? If so, D&G and I discussed at some length (at first I thought vanilla, but then I agreed with our Chloe Rockstar when she pointed out the strong pink undertones). :yes:
  12. ....I must add that hmwe and D&G helped me to identify the colour of my sable paddington when I was buying it and they were right: it was sable!
    I'm leaning towards sable now too:yes:
  13. esp with your comparo pics +sonja+, yeah I think this is sable for sure!!

    Compulsive posted a nice shot of her vanilla on the Chloe Family thread, so that's out (too yellow).
  14. I agree again, just saw compulsive gorgeous family pic... vanilla was more yellowish peachy ivory colour :yes:
  15. +sonja+ The pics you posted on this thread comparing the 2 colours are TDF. They are beautiful!!!!!

    hmwe46 Uh huh uh huh uh huh :yahoo: Thats the bag. I had a PM session with D&G right after she had posted the link. She seems to think that it's a sable because of the pink tone.

    At any rate .. the seller did tell me it *WAS NOT* sable -- so now I'm thinking craie. It might be a cream.. Guess it's a wait and see.

    Thank you both !