What colors??

  1. Ladies, i need your expertise, i need to know the exact colors of these bbags hiding in my closet..im so crazy about chloes right now that i totally forgot about these 2 babies. TIA!!
  2. Looks like grass green and aquamarine. Very pretty!
  3. Grass Green(Vert Gazon) and Blue India?
  4. so which color is correct??:confused1: :shrugs:
  5. What is the year on the auth. card?:confused1:
  6. I definitely agree with the vert gazon (green). Would you be able to post a picture of the interior tag? Also, do you have the card with the year info on it that you can post or tell us?
  7. I'm not certain about the blue - maybe someone else can chime in?
  8. ok i have to look for the cards...i hope someone can tell the colors just by the pix though
  9. The blue handbag looks like Blue India to me...

    Do I ever :heart: that Vert Gazon!
  10. What are the letters on the silver tag in side the blue bag? The letter to the right of the numbers identifies the season and year of the bag.
  11. Yea, from looking at the blue one, I will say Blue India
  12. I think its blue india too :smile: very nice
  13. Vert Gazon and Blue India - beautiful bags!
  14. I would guess blue india also, but I have seen pics of cornflower bags that looked very similar to the color in that picture depending on the lighting. So if she wants to be 100% positive I would still check the bags year and season letter against the ateliernaff color swatches. JMO
  15. Those are very nice! Don't keep them in the closet too long because, those are fantastic!