What colors would you or wouldn't you wear a Navy bag with?

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  1. I have just rehabbed a Navy Tribeca Shopper tote, and it is so cute I want to start wearing it. However, I have never owned a navy bag before and am just not sure what colors to wear (or not wear) it with. The bag looks great with jeans, what colors do you think would clash too much with Navy? for reference, it is a dark navy, here is a pre-rehab pic:
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Your bag is amazing...

    I would wear navy with any color... it is a neutral color... It looks amazing with White, Black Gray and even better with Red, Green or even Orange... With the first group of colors the bag would pop with the second group it will unite the colors... Either way it is a great everyday every outfit color...
  3. I'm the same way as Coach Addict. I'd wear it with anything really. I can't honestly think of a color I wouldn't wear it with. I even do navy and black together (gasp). :lol:
  4. Navy is the new black. You can wear Navy with anything.
  5. I would wear it with pretty much anything, but I would try not to wear it with a super dark outfit, like dark jeans and a black top...unless you tie a colorful scarf on it, that will brighten it up.
  6. Navy color is like a pair of jeans that you can wear with anything.
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    I don't think Navy works with colors such as brown, yellow, tan....but works with almost every other color. I like Navy and light pink together....always thought that was classic
  8. Ditto on everything!!:biggrin:
  9. I was wondering that about the warmer colors such as brown and tan...I wear navy shirts with light khaki pants sometimes and I think that looks OK, but I'm not sure about pairing it with a darker brown or tan. Anyone done this and have it look OK? Thanks for all of the responses BTW...it's making me really excited about using my new bag! In fact, I just finished buffing it so I think I'll do a reveal :smile:
  10. I think navy goes with brown, tan, black, anything light or dark! I have not bought a navy bag until recently because I wear a lot of black and wasn't sure how it looked, but I am so glad that I tried it and have found that it actually looks great with black.
  11. I see Navy as a uniter, not a divider! (A lover, not a fighter, lol)
    I think you can wear Navy with all colors and it will complement all of them. Like a pair of dark wash jeans, they go with everything! :biggrin:

    As far as darker brown or tan with navy, menswear uses this combo a lot, i.e. navy blazer or sport coat paired with dark brown pants, etc. I think you could rock brown pants/skirt with a navy bag! Or a brown jacket with a navy bag, it all works!

    Have fun with your new bag and can't wait for the reveal!
  12. I agree with most everyone, wear it with any color. JMO

    lovely bag btw
  13. IMO any color is fine. Do people actually match their clothes to their bag? I must really be old!
  14. Navy truly is a natural neutral...it is personal taste that dictates whether you want to wear it or not with particular colours. I really liked the idea about putting a scarf or another bright accessory with navy when wearing with other darker colours. I think other blues are more difficult to wear with anything...but navy? Go for it with anything and everything in your closet...find it hard to believe you will be disappointed!
  15. i consider navy to be in the neutrals category, like black/tan/beige/brown/cream/gray/ecru etc....can go with all

    for me,i proably wouldn't wear it with pink though :smile: