What colors would look best on me? And help me pick a dress... Pic included :)

  1. First of all, here's a - slightly edited - picture of me. I'm very fair with some freckles. I burn very easily and don't tan (think Nicole Kidman skin). My eyes are greenish hazel-ish. My hair is a little darker now compared to this pic.


    I am naturally drawn to very dark or muted colors. A ton of my clothes are black, and my newest color obsession is dark olive green. I also like dark chocolate brown.

    The reason I'm asking is because I recently got this dress:

    Unfortunately, it's too small and they don't have the next size. I could exchange it for a different color combo:


    I am, of course, freaking out about the color. I rarely wear blue, and never anything so bright.

    Thoughts? :smile: I'd like a new perspective, and to know some colors to A) go for and B) stay away from.

    P.S. Also, anyone happen to know if I'd be considered "warm" or "cool"? I've never figured that out. :confused1:
  2. I'm super pale (I was once asked if I was an albino!! I told them I was half :lol: ) and yet I love electric blue. Unlike a darker color this one can make the blue tones in your eyes pop or give a lovely contrast to a well done lip and cheek.

    While Olive may have been your best bet for your coloring, blue isn't so bad and be bold!
  3. OMG @ albino comment... wtf is wrong with some people? I live in Hawaii, so you can imagine the comments I get. "How do you stay so pale?" at least once a week... when I was young I got embarassed and upset... now I just lecture them about skin cancer or tell them not to be so rude. I mean, would you ask an African American how they stay so dark?

    ANYWAY, /end rant. Thanks :smile:

  4. I think the blue would "pop" nicely on you... it's good to try new things.
  5. I think moss green, mallard green, pale yellow and peacock teal would be fantastic on you. You have GORGEOUS hair btw :yes:
  6. green green green
  7. ohh and btw, plums and eggplants would go great with your coloring
  8. I have very similiar coloring to you - olive green eyes, reddish/blondish/light brownish hair and very fair skin with freckles. I THINK your skin has a more pink tone but mine actually has a yellow undertone. Anyway, I believe I am warm toned but that may be due to the yellow undertone. I could be wrong about that part but I am almost certain I am warm.

    Olive green and browns are usually my first choices in colors. I would not go for that electric blue. I love the shade of the first dress. I also don't look good in yellow AT ALL but can wear mustard yellow in very tiny amounts as a secondary color (like on a glove - lol).

    For you, I agree with the others - green (any shade but especially olive), plum, eggplant. I would add brown (any and all shades), peach (dark or light peach - I think it would look amazing on you), orange (90% of shades of orange will look good, just not the super-bright orange. That super bright shade might be okay in a skirt but not next to your face). I also think you'd look fantastic in navy. Red would also look great on you - a deep red or a cranberry red, but I am leaning against bright (fire engine) red. I would be cautious of pinks but keep it in mind. You'll probably find some shades of pink look amazing on you and others not as good. But it is worth it to experiment with the pink.
  9. I love green on a redhead. So gorgeous! The blue is pretty, but may wash you out. The store you bought it from needs to track you down the green in your size. It will look so nice.
  10. Green, plums, and chocolate brown looks good on you I think. Also a gray/green metallic shade would look good too.
  11. Love the blue one, but I think the green would suit your skintone/hair color combo better.
  12. I think all three colors will look good on you.
  13. nothing with a red or yellow base

    of the two dresses the blue would look amazing on you, the green would be elegant but it makes no real impact, you would just blend in

    your hair is amazingly beautiful, I would really make a feature of it as apparently someone told me only 4% of the world have flame coloured hair, so cool
  14. I think things have changed a lot since true redheads "clashed" with everything. Your hair and skin are fantastic and I don't think they should matter when it comes to colours. I agree with miss_ritz when she says you would make the blue pop like crazy.

    Re: warm/cool skintone, generally, you're warm if you have yellows, olives and brwns in your skin tone: think mediterranean, asian and african. Generally, plums, browns, golds and greens look good on these skin tones.

    Cool tones are white with bluish tinges (sounds terrible, but it's the best way to describe it LOL), cool pinks (so more blue-pinks, not red/orange pinks) and cool reds. So you can have very red cheeks, but still be a cool tone because when you deconstruct the colour, there will be blue under there somewhere. LOL - if this makes no sense, check out the colour chart below; it's a great indication of what should look best on you, but the first few pastels illustrate the difference between warm/cool tones.

    As a redhead, you would be "cool" as your skin is white, with no yellows (I assume you're not prone to looking sallow).

    CoolWarmYou look best in these colors: [​IMG]
    You look best in these colors: [​IMG]
  15. ^ sorry, the table stuffed up - top palette is cool, bottom is warm. See how there are no oranges, browns or reds in the cool palette? Everything is blue based. That is what I was trying to say. PHEW!