what colors to wear with orange/red peep-toes?

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  1. Last year I purchased a beautiful pair of leather orange/red peep-toe pumps from J Crew, and I have never worn them.

    I have no idea what colors to wear them with....I tried them on with a black wrap dress once and it looked too "Halloween"...

    I've thought about wearing them with jeans, but what color top?

    Any suggestions?
  2. Brown! Purple! Royal blue!
  3. ^Normally, I'm all about pairing up some fun colors, but I'm thinking that orange & red shoes with purple or blue would come off looking too clown-ish...
  4. agree...I tend to stick to neutral colors...so too many bright colors isn't something I'd be comfortable with. Brown, though might work!

    The majority of my wardrobe is grey, black, white, olive green, beige...in hindsight I wish I purchased these shoes in black...:pout:
  5. A pair of jeggings paired with an oversized crisp white blouse and a long red necklace. I wouldn't carry a red or orange bag though. I'd stick with something neutral like black or saddle, and preferably a hobo.


    Find a scarf with orange and/or red in it and wear it as a belt with straight-leg jeans. Wear a white or brown blouse tucked in. A no-iron blouse would be cute since they have a slight sheen.
  6. Navy blue.
  7. Everything! My red peep-toes are one of my most versatile pairs of shoes. They're practically a neutral. I think red-orange will go with plenty of things, too, once you start playing with them.

    Just off the top of my head -- they'd look terrific with black pants/skirt, dark brown pants/skirt, dark jeans. They'd be beautiful as the focal point of a very simple outfit (black pencil skirt/white blouse, or all black -- pants and sweater). Wear with dark jeans and a ton of different tops/sweaters -- charcoal gray, deep teal, brown, cream, etc. etc. etc.
  8. ^The OP already stated that she tried them with all black and it was too Halloween-ish...
    I agree that brown might be good and the jeggings with a long, white, button-down shirt might be nice too:smile:
  9. ^She said she tried them with a black wrap dress and it looked too "Halloween-ish" to her. There's a big difference between a black wrap dress, which shows a lot of leg between the black clothing and the shoe, and other all-black outfits with a colorful shoe as a focal point -- for example, black pants with a black sweater, or a black pantsuit with a black top (black button-down or black turtleneck). The former can be trickier to pull off. But I would encourage her to try the latter before giving up on the idea of pairing them with black.
  10. Thanks for all of the great suggestions everyone! Keep them coming!

    I'll try these again with some black trouser pants and a black turtleneck sweater...maybe I'll try this tomorrow!
  11. navy! dark gray! white, beige(s)/khaki, a muted green would work too
  12. Definitely a crisp white shirt, add a cream/neutral cardigan for the cooler days - perfect with some medium wash boyfriend/skinny jeans.

    Also, tweed that has orange threads will also look great with the heels but again, with this you'll want a cream/off white top.
  13. - camel
    - chocolate
    - ivory
    - champagne
    - olive
    - rust
  14. I use my orange peep toe a lot with white tops and jeans and get a lot of compliments since it makes the shoes more "pop"
  15. white shirt and black pants?
    white shirt and jeans?
    there aren't that many colours that look good with red/orange.