what colors to match when carrying a LV mono?

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  1. what colors can you match when carrying a speedy monogram:shrugs:?? please tell if you have pics that would be awesome!!! thanxxxx:wlae:
    is it true tahta it can be ware with black,, ????? or gray??? please tell:wtf:
  2. EVERYTHING! brown is a neutral:smile:
  3. The Monogram is such a great neutral -- looks nice with any color!
  4. i personally think it looks best with all black. but the LV Monogram canvas is neurtal. just like denim, you wear it with any colour :tup:
  5. I wear it with everything...but like duck says, it looks especially chic with all black!
  6. I just wore black pinstripe pants and a grey sweater to work yesterday. I thought it would look weird to carry my mono speedy 25, but I was pleasantly surprise to see that they actually look good together. They look sophisticated.:smile: Anyway, here's me wearing a blue dress with the the same bag.

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  7. ita!
  8. anything
  9. ^^
    Agree! It doesn't matter- LV looks good with all sorts of clothes/colors!!

  10. looks great!!:tup:
  11. I carry Mono with absolutely everything! :tup: