What colors/styles do you hear are selling well?

  1. I thought of this because of a conversation I had today with an SA in the Chicago BV store. She said Carminio and Ferro are flying off the shelves and if I want something, I'd better not wait too long. Of course she could've been saying that to get a quick sale.

    Not all the Fall/Winter styles have been delivered yet, so it's hard to know what to do. Financially I have no business buying a bag, but I asked her to look for a red zip wallet for me--their store sold out awhile ago, so she has to look in the system for one.
  2. I would love to know this as well, so tomorrow I am going to call my SA in Chicago and report back...
  3. Fatou is the Bottega Specialist at Saks (at the main store). She should also be able to tell you what is in this season's buy, in case your boutique has run out of what you're looking for (although, I know we're hard-pressed to find small accessories in seasonal colors)
  4. My SA told me that the clutch I'm eyeing is selling well. She received 4 (2 bronze and 2 pewter) at the Atlantic City store and they're all sold. They are available in other stores though. The price point is considerably lower than other skin knot clutches:


    I'm planning to purchase in October hopefully. I'm lusting after both colors but will probably only purchase bronze. :heart:
  5. So the Carmine is amazing...but what is everyone thinking of the new iron color? I am having issues with this color...am I going crazy?
  6. what do you mean by issues? I love ferro, I think it's beautiful.
  7. I know what you mean handbag addict I thought the colour would be more metallic but it looks like a very flat dark grey to me IRL


    The BV boutiques in London have also said that Ferro bags and Carmino venetas have been practically sold out. Having said that though I did spot a few pieces in Harrods a couple of weeks ago.
  8. I'm not lusting for the Ferro like I am the Carmino, for some reason.
  9. I am the same way Boxermom. I love the carmino and am not so crazy about the ferro.
  10. I love ferro, but only have it in ballet flats. In the sunlight, it has just a hint of metallic shine; someone described it as the same amount of shine in eye shadow. In nappa umbria, it has enough variations in shades that it doesn't look flat. On the other hand, the picture of the ferro zip card case in the catalogue DOES look flat and boring to me, maybe it is nappa?
  11. i saw the ferro sloane in nappa umbria on the main BV site and was wondering about the color... has anyone seen it?

    what i reaally want is a sloane in carmino but don't know if they have it, or whether i could really carry off that red on a frequent enough basis to justify the purchase...
  12. Here in Munich the new pyramid in noce were just flying of the shelf.
    I was really lucky to get my replacement pyramid from them. anything in ferro sold out a long time ago but they do have a lot of styles in camino.
  13. I just saw the ferro ballet flats in BV yesterday and I'm in love! OB, they are stunning! I will have to purchase them at some point. :heart:
  14. are there any pics around of these flats?

    you guys keep mentioning them and I just keep :drool: just at the thought of them :p