what colors of Sophia will be out in the new upcoming floorset?

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  1. anything exciting?
  2. It's going to be a whole line.. so lots of colors. Leather will be in mahogany, black, bone, purple and clover. Gathered comes in black, gray and purple... maybe more, not sure?
    Croc is in black and toffee.
    Patent is in camel and crimson. There were rumors of a cobalt but I don't think that it's coming in this.
    Logo leather maggie is chamagne.
  3. I know the gray gathered has it, but do any of these other ones have silver hardware?
  4. I think that the black croc has the QB hardware What's that again... antique brass?
  5. The Op Art Sophia colors will be Brass/Crimson,Silver/Khaki, Silver/Silver, Silver/Black, Brass Mahogony, I think the Mahogony is Brass HW....The Style#15935....The dimensions are 14x10x3~$298.00
  6. QB is gunmetal
  7. I saw the cobalt patent in a magazine so I think it's coming.
  8. I didn't know that the op art came in crimson. This is awesome!

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  9. I actually saw this op art crimson one last weekend at my boutique. It is very pretty, but not my cup of tea.
  10. It looks a little burgandy-ish in the drilldown. Not my cup of tea either.
  11. That crimson one looks so pretty! Oh no, I may have to change my mind on Sophia .. LOL!
  12. I like the silver!

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  13. ^^^ mysweetgirlrose...you can always sell your peony Trineca tote to me to find the silver opart Sophia!!!! (to me) LOL
    You make me DROOL for that bag everytime I run across one of your posts!!! The FOB's layered on it in your signature pic just make it SO fun & adorable!!!

    I didn't think I was going to like the Sophia AT ALL when I started seeing the pic's of the gathered one's (ans still don't care for those) but the purple leather has me WANTING ONE!!!
  14. Oooooohhhhhh, I'm so typically not a signature fan; however, I'm loving the crimson and gray fabric Sophias! Thanks for sharing pics!
  15. I second that, I am not an Op Art fan and only own one bag in this but it looks very nice