What colors make a wardrobe?

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  1. What is the array of colors of bags that you feel you MUST have to make up a handbag wardrobe?

    I feel I need at least
    two browns (deep chocolate and something a bit more neutral),
    a metallic and
    something in fur.

    I don't have an every day black bag now and I'm not feeling its so necessary (who knows why....). I don't have any 'exotics' (python, croc, etc). I'd like a red but I haven't found the right red yet. I had a red Prada and a red Mulberry but I got rid of them both (the Prada to my sister, the Mulberry to the consignment store).

    I have many more bags than listed above but that's what I feel I NEED at all times.


  2. I tend to stay with blacks and browns , I dont know why i have more hues of browns . I am on the market for a black and a white bag , i havent seen a nothing that really caught my eye just yet.

    I all so been on a pink kick
  3. :smile: I love browns,white,and black purses.The colors seem stylish and comfortable at the same time.I also ,on special occasions love to wear bright colors such as red and hot pink!!!
  4. I usually wear black bags because they make me feel absolutely comfortable. But I have a brown clutch, too, and a sequined silver small bag for the evening and a summer tote in red.
  5. Blacks, pinks, browns, metallics, exotic skin, all kinds of stuff hehe.
  6. green, black, orange, brown, lots of corduroy + jeans.... yep....
  7. It depends. I have alot of black & brown. I try to buy purses for some of my outfits. (Like some-what pink outfits w/ a pink bag, but not too pink that'll look too matching, that looks funny).
  8. I agree. I prefer more of a contrast. I would never carry my pink bag with my pink raincoat. I use the pink bag with my yellow raincoat (honestly, I don't look like an Easter egg) or a green bag with my pink raincoat.

  9. Yup. Matching too much...doesn't match. LOL

    Pink Top, Pink Skirt, Pink Bag, Pink Shoes, Pink Shades, (heck!) Pink underwear. WEIRD!!! LOL
  10. I have black and black handbags, and some of them are in beige.. but now I am thinking about red bags, coz red is the new black *heard from my friends :lol:
  11. I wear a lot of black/white clothes, and then add bright colors like coral, hot pink, lime green. Bags can be any color, depending on outfit.
  12. Mine are all black leather or black prints except my one LV and one LAMB in shades of brown/tan.
  13. I have 2 black, one dark grey, one teal, and everything else is purple. All I need now is more purple. Lots and lots of purple. :giggles:
  14. In order of "want":

    dark blue
    violet/ purple

    Then I'll stop buying bags... Or maybe venture into Chanel? :biggrin:
  15. I am wicked boring...