What colors make a wardrobe?


I need more shelf space!
Sep 13, 2005
What is the array of colors of bags that you feel you MUST have to make up a handbag wardrobe?

I feel I need at least
two browns (deep chocolate and something a bit more neutral),
a metallic and
something in fur.

I don't have an every day black bag now and I'm not feeling its so necessary (who knows why....). I don't have any 'exotics' (python, croc, etc). I'd like a red but I haven't found the right red yet. I had a red Prada and a red Mulberry but I got rid of them both (the Prada to my sister, the Mulberry to the consignment store).

I have many more bags than listed above but that's what I feel I NEED at all times.


I tend to stay with blacks and browns , I dont know why i have more hues of browns . I am on the market for a black and a white bag , i havent seen a nothing that really caught my eye just yet.

I all so been on a pink kick
:smile: I love browns,white,and black purses.The colors seem stylish and comfortable at the same time.I also ,on special occasions love to wear bright colors such as red and hot pink!!!
I usually wear black bags because they make me feel absolutely comfortable. But I have a brown clutch, too, and a sequined silver small bag for the evening and a summer tote in red.
It depends. I have alot of black & brown. I try to buy purses for some of my outfits. (Like some-what pink outfits w/ a pink bag, but not too pink that'll look too matching, that looks funny).
I agree. I prefer more of a contrast. I would never carry my pink bag with my pink raincoat. I use the pink bag with my yellow raincoat (honestly, I don't look like an Easter egg) or a green bag with my pink raincoat.

I have 2 black, one dark grey, one teal, and everything else is purple. All I need now is more purple. Lots and lots of purple. :giggles: