What colors is East/West available in currently?

  1. Thanks!
  2. I recently saw black @ Nordstrom's Chanel boutique. (and beige.. but not really sure..)
  3. NM Atlanta has the Blue Fonce caviar, call Pia at 404-266-8200.
  4. NM Tyson's Corner, VA: saddle/tan (caramel) in lamb, coral lamb. Both are gorgeous. There might have been a black caviar but these really two grabbed my eyeballs and started the lusting. (You know that feeling, right?) I have the coral --she's a little beauty. The caramel, saddle/tan was really scrumptious, and I wanted to bring him home but I've been sooo bad lately!
  5. ^^ Thanks. I am trying to decide between three bags right now and that coral is one of them;)
  6. Chanel, San Francisco has one Dark Navy E/W cavier. Call 415-981-1550 ask for Isabelle.
  7. there is a black e/w cavier in SF boutique too