What COLORS have you seen in the GUccisima Large Horsebit Hobo??

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I've only seen Black brown and Blue.

    Supposidly there is a royal purple one out there?? is this true?? have you seen it?!?!??
  2. That's funny I'm putting an email into Gucci re the same thing! On the website there is an agenda in a merlot/wine-red guccissima--the color is TDF! I am seriously obsessed with the large hobo, have two and looking to get another! I'll post any info I find!
  3. cause i've seen a make up bag is a royal purple but not any bags and my SA has never heard of it....but were in Canada...so blah~
  4. The brightest I've seen is Jessica Simpson's hot pink, suede looking one and this cobalt blue. blue guccissima.jpg
  5. jessica's isnt a guccissima, its the logo fabric in fushia
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