What colors have been arriving?

  1. I know we give reports on the the bags in stock at our local Hermes, but can you all share what colors you have seen most lately?

    I am curious if that is any indication that most stores are being shipped relatively the same shades. Possible for seasonality or because they are made in larger color quantity.

    Ok, I mentioned this before, so it must me my mission to analyze this one.
  2. Potiron Togo and Chevre, Blue Jean Togo and Turquoise Chevre
  3. Lots of Potiron, Turquoise, Chocolate in Togo and Chevre. Been seeing a lot of Cyclamen Epsom, too. In Paris this past February, there were tons of Cyclamen Epsom everything! Not my cup of tea. Turquoise Chevre is lovely, though!
  4. White and gold!
  5. You know, that Cyclamen color is really starting to grow on me, I think it is beautiful. I have yet to see turquoise, that sounds nice too.
  6. Turquoise is growing on me, a lot!
    I heard that it's mostly found in chevre leather right now because it took to the dye very well.
  7. Everything seems to be growing on me!!:love: :love:
  8. me too.....:heart:
  9. I saw a few bags in tuquoise when I went to H last weekend and now that you mention it they were dull. BUT...the color was very turquoise. I really have no clue what the leather was...not textured and not box...no sheen...not matte....just a flat leather look.

    At my store it was potiron, turquoise, and the new green
  10. :yes: I know exactly what you mean! Only weeks ago I skipped past all the brightly-coloured bags on ebay and now I'm going back wistfully imagining how a turquoise or cyclamen plume would look on my arm. :roflmfao:
  11. i have seen Cyclamen, green alot lately
  12. White is growing on me!
  13. Turquiose in Chevre Mysore
    White in Epsom
    Blue Jean Epsom
    Ebene in Swift
    Anything with bi-color or piping
  14. NYC: I'm seeing lots of cyclamen, raisin, blue jean. The SA's say black goes quickly, so it's not seen on the shelves too often, but this is NYC.
  15. Twigz, have you ever seen a Plume done in Swift? Maybe in Ebene or any of the chocolates? My next bag is going to be a Plume and I'm looking for a brown shade but not done in Epsom.