what colors go with what color shoes??

  1. The weather is getting nice here and I'm thinking spring fashion thoughts already :p a few questions -

    what color shoes go with the nautical look, besides white? i.e. white top, navy skirt...

    what color top and bottoms go with gold/bronze shoes/sandals? black/white? maybe a better question is, what colors do NOT go with gold/bronze shoes?
  2. I like red shoes and accessories with a nautical look.

    It's hard to say what colors do not go with gold/bronze. They all have potential depending on the style/feel/pattern/fabric of the clothes/shoes....
  3. I agree with the red color.

    And I think that neutrals always look great with metallics.

  4. Reds, metallics, yellow, neutrals. Don't be afraid to funk up the outfit, you don't need to be too matchy. Mixing and matching are fantastic!
  5. I have bronze wedges and i wear them w/ all colors and prints. I think it goes w/ all colors, but i'm less opt to wear it w/ black.
  6. i love red, gold, silver and metallics in general...
  7. I agree with what everyone has said. Also, definately go with red w/the nautical look.
  8. Another vote for red. I don't have many metallic stuff so I can't comment on that.