What colors go with Mini Cherry (Josephine)?

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  1. I am very excited I just purchased the Josephine PM in Cherry. However, I am starting to wonder what to wear it with. I always buy neutrals to make matching easy, this is my first bag that is not brown, black or white.

    Please help! All of you are so stylish on here, what colors would go well with Cherry. I have seen it with black and loved it. Anything else?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Congratulations! It's nice to take a break from all the neutrals. I guess it was time for you to add some color in the mix, wasn't it? It makes it more fun.

    I think red goes with many colors making it very wearable. I would just stay away from cothing that are highly printed.
  3. Congrats! I wear mine with almost anything, but like it esp with black, blue, gray, red.
    It's more neutral than I originally thought. I had the same worries as you.....:yes:
  4. Congrats!!! Josephine Cherry is on my list will get it sometime next year..

    I agree with poshinstyle and mickloisme, you can wear it with the clothing with soild color. In general, I try to make the bag as the highlight of my outfit. Any eye candy to share??
  5. Yes, as above, black, white, dark blue, brown.
  6. congrats! i was just on let-trade and noticed that the josephine pm was sold. glad it went to a tPFer! enjoy!

  7. I wanted to hit BIN but I need to get Azur this month for Christmas, I am glad too that it went to Pfer...:heart:
  8. ^^^ Yes, that was me! I couldn't resist the price! :smile: I will post pictures when I receive it.

    Thank you for all of your responses. You have made me feel great about my purchase and have given me great suggestions. Luckily I do wear a lot of solids in neutral colors so I think the bag will really stand out.
  9. i think a nice deep chocolate suede blazer would like nice
  10. cream color sweater with vintage wash jeans!
  11. It's such a beautiful color!!!