What colors for Paddy Betty Large Satchel?

  1. Hi........I was wondering if you ladies knew what colors the Paddy Betty Lrg. Satchel comes in? When I was at Nordies today I fell in love with the white but someone shopping scared me off and said it would be filthy and look awful in 3 months:sad: ..........so, I got myself the chocolat one which is very nice, but then I wondered what other colors it might come in? I found a metalic pewter online, but not sure that is me either. Does anyone have any experience with this bag and know of other colors? Do you enjoy this style? Thanks for any comments and info. giselle
  2. I am still thinking about the white one this morning, do you think I would regret it? Would it look bad or yellow quickly? Does anyone have experience with this bag, especially in white? Need help please!!! thanks!!!:biggrin: giselle