what colors exist for caviar flap?

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  1. Hi all, can you post pics of the different color of caviar flap? especially brown.
    I went to Saks and Neimans, and saw two different colors, but the SA at each store calls it brown?
    i am a little confused.
  2. I don't have pics, however there's a dark brown caviar that TPF member shoog posted, also the other colors in existence are: black, beige, white and pink (I think). HTH
  3. well, the color taht i am thinking of is like a combo of brown and grey. almost like taupe....
    i dont know if that makes sense.
    anybody knows the official name of this color?
  4. i saw a navy one with silver hardware yesterday at NM. it was totally beautiful. the also had a brown with silver hardware but it was the lambskin.
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