What colors dominate your closet?

  1. My favorite colors to wear are neutrals (shades of black, white, cream, tan, brown, and grey, and some navy blue and olive green). These colors make up about 80-85% of my current wardrobe. I have a few items in other colors, but if I'm looking for something new, I buy neutral because I've learned that's what I prefer. (And it makes mixing and matching things sooo easy.)

    What are your favorite colors to wear?

  2. the colors of the rainbow
  3. ^ same. I don't think I have any dominating colours. I also happen to love really colourful clothing, so black is probably the colour I have the least of.
  4. my wardrobes are colourful. most of my them are in patterns.
  5. Black dominates my wardrobe. I can't seem to get away from it.
    I have some colours like purple, browm and burgundy but black really does it for me.
  6. black, black, and black. definetely some grey with a touch of pastels like light pink, blue, etc. . .
  7. black, blues, reds, pinks, and yellows. :heart: I need to add more color I think...:yes:
  8. black, black, and more black, the odd brown and pink, few things in white.
  9. right now I prefer black with splashes or white and/or red

    But if you look at my current closet, I have lots of colors.
  10. My fall wardrobe is all about neutrals (black, brown, grey, offwhite, creme, various shades of khaki, white)... and pink. I don't know why I have so much pink, I don't think it's even in this season. I just like it I guess!

    My big plan is to alternate every day whether my outfit is brown themed or black themed, but that gets difficult when you travel because I typically only bring one purse with me. And I'm still not happy with the concept of mixing brown and black.
  11. I like bright colours..I don't think I own anything black lol (except for my school uniform)
  12. Blue seems to be the dominate color but red and green are a tie for second.
  13. Black
  14. mostly black, beige/tan, pink
  15. my favorite color is green so i have so many items in that color. but i also have plenty of black and brown items as well.