what colors does the stam come in?

  1. i am just curious..... beside black, mouse, taupe, petrol what other colors does it come in?
  2. My friend has one called Putty (sort of light beige with dusty pink undertones)
  3. ^^^ I think it came in Blush? A pinky-white color....:smile:
  4. Camel (peanut-buttery color), cashew (light tan with dark stitching), chestnut (dark reddish brown), and a bronzey metallic color.
  5. Black, Taupe, Petrol, Bordeaux, Violet, Pearl (??), Ivory, Putty,
    Patent Leather: Blush, Chalk, Cola
    Recent ones: Black, Bronze, Camel, Cashew, Mouse, Chestnut
  6. Didn't it come in a white AND an Ivory?
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