What colors does the Petite Shopping Tote come in?

  1. And if anyone knows, what is the current price of it?

    Thanks! I think it is next on my list...​
  2. Mine is red...

    I know of the following colors:

    Not sure about navy, brown, lavender, or silver.

    Hope that helps!

    -L-town :heart:
  3. Heard it is coming out in Bordeaux next season. Retail £620 in the UK
  4. I have seen a silver.

    Brown is coming out this fall

    I have the snow white before. It's not really white but a little dirty white!
  5. I have a gold one but I don't think it's offered anymore.
  6. wow!!! :drool: i've nv seen a red pst before. do u have a pic of it? :rolleyes: i would so love to have a red pst!! :drool::drool: