What colors does the Petit Shopper Tote...

  1. come in? I tried to put myself on a ban...but it's not going well. Especially looking at all the differnet Chanels on here. I just saw a white one, and was wondering how many are out there and the difficulty leavel of obtaining them. Thanks ladies.
  2. White, black, beige, brown are currently available.
  3. Thanks for the info. You are so informative!!!

  4. I thgh they only have brown in GST.....hmmm. maybe i shld check it out...:yes:
  5. Does the petite come in white with silver hardware?
  6. i saw a brown smooth leather, and black and beige caviar at scp last saturday. 1350 now :sad:
  7. np handbag_lvr!

    dleesy - I could be mistakened. I'll look through our reference library and see if I could find that little Nordstroms preorder thing that had it, it might've just been the GST.

    bellabags - it came in silver back in spring but I dont know if it's still available in silver
  8. I saw a pink PST at NM in SF yesterday.
  9. ^Pink with gold hardware.