What Colors Does The Mabel Come In Past And Present Please?

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  1. Hi Girls, I love love the mulberry mabel PATENT large size. What colors does this come in, past and present season please. Did it ever come in like a brownish almost blackish color. I saw this girl in NYC carring a mabel but it didn't look quite black, like it changed color with the light it almost looked brown at times. Please Help.

  2. Someone with a bit more knowledge will hopefully be able to add to this list, but these are the ones I can think of;

    purple patent
    grey patent
    black patent
    red patent
    bright red
    dark red
    dark brown
    marine blue
    pale pink

    I think the large mabels only came in black and red, though the maxi mabels and mini mabels came in most colours except patent? the aqua and marine blue are the most recent I think.
  3. Thanks! What is the difference bet the maxi and large mabel? Thanks!
  4. The large mabel is quite a bit wider than the 'normal' one but not much taller (I saw one today IRL at Selfridges, it'd pass off as an everyday bag I think), wheras the maxi mabel is MUCH bigger and more of a travel bag type. Found this image...it's tiny but you get the general idea;

    (maxi, large and 'normal' sizes)

    I remembered they also do snakeskin versions of the mabel....gold, purple and brown I think?
  5. Thats a great picture to compare sizes, thanks Kate. I was getting a bit confused re mabel proportions!
  6. Also they do a chocolate colour with gold hardwear.
  7. pepple too..