what colors does the GST and the PST came in?

  1. I am graduating from college next year and want to get myself a working tote! I think either the GST or the PST will be perfect, but if any of you have any other suggestions, they will be very much appreciated.
    So, what colors do they come in? I will not do pink, and I think white is difficult to maintain and not "work" enough.. so next choice is black or beige, but I think they are just blah.. I like the shape, but maybe not the color.. any ideas? (or any other colors?)

  2. i was also deciding between these two and i think im gonna go with the GST cos its much bigger, the PST is too small for me i think!

    i know the PST comes in black, navy, beige, white, pink and red

    the GST comes in the same i guess?

    i know if you are after a black, the PST doesnt come with the silver hardware... only gold

    but i think the GST is a good choice if it is going to be your work bag
  3. GST and PST in brown and bordeaux will be released this f/w. You might want to check them out.

    I used to have a PST with a Snow White Color. More of an off-white.
  4. wow.. thank you! I might check out the bordeaux.. I hope its more red than purple-red..=) do you know the retail and what hardware it comes in?
    And so does the GST comes in navy and red as well? I think I will like those colors..=)
  5. I am wondering what colors are available besides the taupes, black, brown or natural and neutral shades.

    I want a color like a hot pink, purple, blue etc. Has anyone seen any of these colors with this tote?

    Any help will do.
  6. I have seen a couple colored medallion totes, such as pink and purple but I really don't know about the GST or PST.
  7. I haven't either. I think the brighter colors are reserved for the medallion totes. Don't really know.
  8. I've seen those as well. Maybe I'll have to settle.:sad:
  9. I know that for spring/summer '08 they're coming out with washed caviar PST's and GST's in red and pink (as well as black and white). :yes:
  10. Very interested is seeing the red!
  11. That's right! A brand new pink in the GST will be out any day now :party:

  12. hmmmm I wonder what pink it'll be... I hope its not the same dark salmon pink color that I saw in the S/S 08 look book, cause I wasn't a fan:tdown:
  13. Nordstrom ordered the PST in orange for Spring 08! The GST will only come in black and white (for Nordstrom anyway, not sure about other department stores/boutiques). Price is $1350.

    I don't have a color pic, but I'm sure my s/a will send some after their trunk show!
  14. ^Orange.. That sounds interesting!
  15. I'm very curious about this orange PST/GST...Hope it comes out soon, so we can see pictures...:woohoo: