what colors does the edith come in?

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  1. can you guys help me out? What colors is this bag available in?

  2. here u ago.. here are only a few ones i have pics of.. while the array of colors is much wider.. i am sure the rest of lovely members will help me :heart:

    muscade (stiching is dark) (pic from http://www.neimanmarcus.com)

    whiskey (stiching is light) (pic from http://www.neimanmarcus.com)

    chocolate (stiching is light- although its my loaf Edith.. but at least so u could see the color)


    white (again its a loaf style.. just for color reference)


    and i found a Tobacco colored one (which i believe is darker than choco?) in http://www.net-a-porter.com/
    muscad.jpg whiskey.jpg chloe_white.jpg choco_chloe.jpg tobacco.jpg
  3. Take a look at the Edith Lover's Club-Thread...there you'll see a lot of fantastic colors :heart: Mais, Jade, Indigo, Black, Gris-Vert are also very nice colors :heart:

    There's also a gold one at NAP that's very special but also nice :yes:
  4. ^^taupy...

    i'm looking for a bag for work, so gold may be a little too "out there." i'm debating about whether orange or yellow would be too risque as well.
  5. What about Chamois? It's a lovely creamy colour. I have the large edith in Chamois, it's a special colour but definitely not too "out there" :yes:
  6. Mine was called Mastic-which is a Putty color, a pretty greyish-beige. It's on Ann's Fabulous Finds site right now!
  7. i'm a little confused about the mastic color - is it more similar to the color on ann's site (which looks more tan than anything) or more similar to this color:


    also, is $900 a good deal? how much do they normally go for?

  8. daniela127,
    it is darker than the one on eBay. It is not as dark as tan, but a greyish tinted light beige. A beautiful color that goes with everything. I think they go for at least $1700 new.
  9. On Ann's site it is showing a little darker than the real color.
  10. ^^ thanks bagshop!

    i was really looking for a white one...but i know how silly it would be to get a white bag for work, so i'm trying to convince myself that i like the color on ann's.

    i will let you know what i eventually decide!