What colors does the classic flap *currently* come in?

  1. Every Neiman's I'm calling seems to only have the black or white, are their any current colors that are more colorful? Even a navy?
  2. I'm thinking that there are still some blue-gray ones floating around. I'm not sure what the official color is. But I thought it looked like a muted teal. And I think a PFer here just recently got a gorgeous gorgeous pink! It just takes some searching. Maybe a very helpful SA can do a system search for you?
  3. I think that blue gray one is called blue fonce... I think I saw some at the SHM Chanel boutique, try there, or the Neimans at the SHM, I remember seeing an e/w and possibly a medium classic flap. Edna - if you're referring to me (the '05 pink), I got extremely lucky, but I have searched for some bags and also gotten lucky that way! :smile: Good luck LaffyTaffy, I hope you find what you want! I currently am looking for a brown jumbo caviar, which apparently no one has either haha... gotta find it!

  4. ^^The Chanel boutique in Toronto, Ontario has a brown caviar classic flap.
  5. NM in Fashion Island had classic caviar light gold and lambskin light pink. Very cute!
  6. i heard yesterday that there is a new red and a navy coming out....
  7. ^^I saw these colors today at the boutique. The navy reminds me of a the shade of denim jeans ... I'm sure this color navy will look great dressed up or down! The red looks nice too, not to dark and not to bright.
  8. ooh really? i'm hitting Saks next week. decisions decisions.
  9. am dying for a blue fonce! i have a TPFer's pic of a blue fonce flap as my background right now.