what colors does the classic flap come in?

  1. hey guys! im in love with the classic flap and im thinking of buying one..but i just wanted to know what colors it came in other than black and white..
    thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Hi! I know for sure that for each season, the classic flap bag comes in certain colours. For cruise 06/07, the bag came in a peachy white, pale green and pale yellow. For spring/summer 07, i think there is a light blue...
  3. a light blue?! ahh! and just for the price increase too i bet! arrgh!! i'm dying for a blue bag!
  4. Yes, I think I saw a light blue, but it was in croc skin... not sure if it will come in caviar/lambskin...
  5. thanks guys :smile: im so bummed about the price increase! but wutever i guess as long as chanel doesnt turn into gucci or louis vuitton
  6. Meaning what, exactly? just curious.....:confused1:
  7. peachy white? where can i find pics for this?