What Colors Does the CERF TOTE Come In ???

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  1. The large size with the Gold CC lock??? Anyone know what the current colors are?

  2. Definitely black and white.

  3. The white comes with the Gold CC lock??? oooh, never seen that! :drool: only the silver mademoiselle lock ....

    Is this dark brown a current color? I think I need this ....

  4. ooh, hmm, i'm not sure if it came with gold CC lock. It might have come with silver CC Lock.

    sorry queenvictoria-- i didn't quite read that part specifically about gold cc lock.
  5. ^^^ That's OK, Thanks for taking the time to answer :flowers:
  6. I just bought this bag in black with the gold CC, it is a great bag!!
  7. i saw it today in the pink! it's the first time i've seen the pink cerf in real life.
    i didn't closely note the color of the hardware, but i think it was gold cc's.
  8. i would love confirmation of the white cerf with cc closure. I've only seen the mademoiselle lock.:nogood:
  9. I would like it in pink...
  10. pnk cerf tote, sounds pretty.
  11. I think the pink cerf tote has come and gone because a friend of mine got hers on sale last year.
  12. no way! cerf tote on sale? that's a great deal.
  13. I noticed any style (even the classics) if they discontinue that particular color or leather, it will eventually go on sale...if there is any left. My friend's was a return and she just lucked out being there at the right time.
  14. aiy! i wish i was that lucky, just for once.