What colors does the Bow satchel come in?

  1. I'm really in need of a colorful leather bag this season... I was hoping for a grass green or emerald or yellow? I've only seen it in caramel, black and white...

    anyone seen it in a different color?
  2. I saw it in blue when I was at Barneys the other day. I'm pretty sure it doesn't come in green or yellow though. However, the Miu Miu coffer comes in green (there's a thread about it from a few days ago).
  3. You saw this is in blue?! Wow..haven't seen that..I had the white one (the smaller one) but sent it back...I didn't like the bows...ON ME....I still love looking at the bag though....would love to see the blue one...!
  4. i think it does come in a dark/navy blue canvas.
  5. This bag also comes in navy blue nappa. I saw it in Saks in the regular size (not the small size). It was a lovely shade of navy blue.
  6. I have seen it in blue as well (Saks Dadeland, FL). They had a large one and it was beautiful. I felt like it made it look a little too "trendy" so I went with the black.