What colors does Heloise Quilted tote/Satchel come in?

  1. Hi- I confess that I am a Chloe newbie--but a beautiful bag caught my eye! I think I saw a woman with a light blue Chloe Heloise Quilted Tote/Satchel (possibly patent) in the mall yesterday. Does that color exist? What colors does this bag come in? I am suddenly star-struck--please help! Thanks.
  2. Have you checked out Chloe.com, Net-A-Porter, Diabro, or Luisavisaroma? These are all authentic Chloe sites that feature the latest colors debuting for Spring. I don't think I've come across a light blue shiny quilted Heloise - but it does sound wonderful!
  3. Wait? There was a gal from New York who this Fall bought from a light blue quilted Bay from a sample sale? Yes she did! and I thought it was divine. She came here to talk about the bag maybe two times and then she left. So that color does exist, at least in '07. I don't remember if it was patent, some how I think NOT.
  4. I have personally only seen the Heloise in : red, brown, black and cream (leather) then orange and black and gray patent leather (and navy I think).

    There are some new colors coming out, but you may have seen the BAY bag Susie mentioned above.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Per a Chloe SA, the quilted Heloise will come in a turquoise color for Spring 2008, but they do not have any pix of it and it will NOT be available in U.S. boutiques. She said it might come through NM, Barneys, etc... I would have thought the boutiques would carry the full seasonal lineup, but according to this SA, they do not? Anybody encounter this before?
  6. [​IMG]Could this be the "blue" one? This is mine in "anthracite" which is actually more of a grey.