What colors does Box Calf come in ?

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  1. OOOOOOOhhhhh, can you share a pic on that one?

    What do you think of orange box now that you own it?
  2. sure! -- but it will take me a few hours to get to it as i'm being bogged down by the office on the last business day before x-mas . . . .
  3. No hurry DQ...no hurry at all! Whenever...
  4. KB, it is a very vibrant orange.

    DQ, orange box may be making a come back if people are spotting it in stores right now.
  5. DQ.. wow i cant wait to see a pic of that bag!!
  6. Has anyone else been spotting orange box around?
  7. ...Ahem ladies.....what about this list of colors ?!? HG, since it's all your fault, fire away....;)
  8. I know, I'm such an instigator. Let me think......vert fonce, potiron, vert olive, cyclamen, raisin, chocolate, black, rouge H. That's what I've seen lately.
  9. HG -- i found the date stamp (right where you'd expect it to be . . . you need glasses, girl!) it's an F (or maybe an E).
  10. a friend has a bone-colored (am not sure exactly what correct H color it is) kelly box. it is sort of nude color.......off white.........beige-y but lighter......you get the picture

    and the picture in my signature has another friend carrying a graphite box kelly 28 (far right).
  11. Around the edge? Dang! I just got a new prescription. It makes sense, that datestamp. That's the last time they did orange box in large quantities.
  12. ^^ yep, on the inside box edge, next to a corner.
  13. here ya go, KB, with some comparison pix -- sorry, but i'm still developing my photo skills. :shame:

  14. ^^ :nuts: gorgeous
  15. All right, KB, bad news! That was orange chamonix in the store.