What colors does Box Calf come in ?

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  1. Thanks to HG, who exasperated my lust for Box Calf this morning:rolleyes: , could we have a list of all the colors that are currently produced in Box...TIA:smile:
  2. ^^ LOL duna.. why am i not surprised to see this thread.. this is all HG's doing.. making us drool over box!!
  3. [​IMG]

    I have - Thalassa blue, chocolate and cyclamen(piping also in box)....

    Seen - Rouge H, Orange, Black

    Opps: You mentioned currently in production... so thalassa blue is out
  4. I am on this one already...the four that are most active are black, chocolate, raisin, and rouge H. These should be avaiable for SO come February.
  5. I WANT TO SEE orange in real life...that would make me smile. Not sure if I would buy, but I want to see. Anyone have anything in box orange?
  6. I saw an orange 25cm box kelly at Hermes hongkong early this year. The shop was closed. When I went back next day, it was gone. It was scrumptious. I wish I had bought it and I would be able to show you now

  7. Luxwear has an orange box Kelly for sale on her website. Very pretty.

  8. I know and that one is killing me!!!^^

    I wanted to hear from someone who has seen orange box in real life.

    Can you tell me how the color shows? Can you compare it to something?
  9. HG, the 25 cm kelly was a like a ripe glistening orange... I don't think i could have mistaken it for swift coz there was that characteristic sheen that swift doesnt have...
  10. archangel, I love your picture....and never tire of seeing those beautiful Kellys.

    I've seen Raisin box and Thalassa......

    I *hear* that these colors are discontinued but am wondering if you could SO? They are soooo beautiful in box.
  11. Kuxwear has or had an orange box Kelly on her site! Amazing!
  12. I've had Rouge Vif Box before. Not as elegant as Rouge H but still very pretty.
  13. i've got an orange box whitebus -- but HG mentioned that it's not being done currently.
  14. NO KIDDING!!! I'm down....down, I tell you! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  15. Um, that's Luxwear